Hair Transplant FAQ – Should I or Shouldn’t I?


After a transplant, how can I have exactly the same thoughts of hair that I had when I was younger?

No. Even though results could be dramatic and significantly improve your looks, patients won’t achieve the same degree of density since they had in their own youth. Emphasis is about achieving maximum density at the front part of the scalp and behind the hair line at which it creates the illusion of a fuller head of hair follicles.

In Follicular Unit Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey  hair is transplanted since it grows, in naturally occurring forms of 14 hair follicles. A donor strip of hair is taken out of the patient’s ‘safe zone,’ where these units are obtained and dissected. That area is then sutured closed, so leaving a linear scar, that’ll perhaps not be perceptible under an expert surgeon’s skilled hands on.

Will there be a way to prevent hair loss?


Finasteride can be found in pill form to men by prescription only and shouldn’t be used or managed by women, since it has been known to cause birth defects. In clinical trials it’s demonstrated an ability to avoid innovative hair loss and may even regrow hair.

Minoxidil (Rogaine) is readily available to people with out prescription. It is just a topical application and can be managed by rubbing it in to the scalp twice a day. New hair growth could possibly be wispy and thin. Best candidates for Minoxidil are people older than 30 decades old with less than 5 years of hair thinning.

Exactly how can the quality and amount of my donor hair change the results?

Obviously, you need The Hair Transplant UK to get a good amount of your own hair for use for the transplant. The greater range of hair follicles that you might have per square centimeter of scalp, the longer donor hair loss is available.

As rough hair is thicker compared to straight hair, it can be transplanted using fewer hairs per graft whilst offering additional coverage. Fine hair has less lubricant and may deliver a natural appearance but with less protection compared to coarse hair loss. Wavy and curly hair thinning lend themselves to good visual results and can camouflage thinning are as a lot better than direct hair while giving the appearance of greater care.

So when will my new hair begin to cultivate?

Right after the transplant, the newly grafted hairs will probably keep growing, but will shed by week three. Approximately 25% of hair from the follicle cells will grow to be visible within 3-4 months and can be more noticeable as time goes on.

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