Rose’s Rant – November 29


I hope you all enjoyed yourself this past Thanksgiving, also slept soundly following stuffing all that tryptophane filled stuffing and turkey down your throats the last 4 days. This was an action packed weekend filled with some unbelievable efforts, plus a few performances which left too much to be desired.

I’ll start off in the NFL as the  esports cream has begun to rise to the surface in most branch. Monday Night’s thrashing of the Steelers leaves the Colts as the only undefeated team in the league, thus keeping the corks on Nick Bouniconti and the’72 Dolphins cases of champagne. Just three more wins, and the Colts will have tied their own mark. The Seahawks won a match that they shouldn’t consume, and virtually wrapped up the woeful NFC West after rapping off the Giants within an exhilarating competition. These are the Giants, their lack kept them tied with the Cowboys for the guide in the East, and they just so happen to match Dallas this Sunday in what should be another intense video game. The NFC South is just a huge logjam, however the division leaders finally meet up the next couple weeks and we’ll get some good rest shortly. Da Bears maintained their win streak alive down in Tampa, but the Vikings kept heat turned upward too. The defending champs are still lead the miserable AFC East even after losing in Arrowhead, and the Broncos have a comfy two-game lead in the West. The Bengals catapulted in to the division result in the Steelers loss on Monday Night, and expect to avenge their early season loss in the Steel City that Sunday.

After sitting back and watching a few of those games this past week; specifically the Detroit, Houston, along with Oakland matches, I came to the realization that a few of these head trainers wouldn’t be around a lot.

I was actually shocked it required the Lions direction till Monday to dispose of Head coach Steve Mariucci, but I was more educated by the fact they allowed Matt Millen to survive still another training change. Does this guy have naked photos of a few of the Ford family females or something? What on god’s green earth has this man done to deserve to keep his job? Let’s look at some of his or her transactions. Let us not forget about his personal choice of Marty Morningweg to browse his inaugural voyage as General Manager. This franchise has changed into the Cincinnati Bengals of the late 90’s, and will quickly turn to the Bucs of the 80’s when they’re not careful. As stated before, I’m shocked he is still around.

Also, keep an eye on any news coming out of Houston and Oakland. HC Dom Capers is so gone it isn’t funny after his team rent a 24-3 halftime lead getaway from them into the St. Louis Rams. To make it even worse, the Rams fought all the way back with their 3rd string QB, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and covered at the additional time after WR Kevin Curtis galloped during the very porous Texans defense. Additionally, Al Davis can’t be overly happy with the way his teams performed this year after ditching tons of dollars on WR Randy Moss and RB Lamont Jordan. Start looking for just one more shifting of the shield to occur fleetingly in the bay.

And finally, what the heck happened in Lawrence, Kansas last weekend? Even the Iowa State Cyclones were given the Big 12 North branch to a silver platter Friday evening afterwards Colorado got destroyed in the home from Nebraska, yet they enabled their 11-point half time cause go for naught since the fighting Mangino’s ultimately knocked them off in OT. You really need to question how thoughts trainers motivate their clubs under essential circumstances. A Potential BCS Bowl, along with the Micron Bowl. Hmmmmm, allow me to think. Gimme a break!!!

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